Engineers, designers, and consultants happily coexist.

In fact they depend on each other! They’re equally important to our success.

We’re passionate, we think out of the box, we get the big picture and we pay attention to the details.

Meet the Team

Jan Schulz-Hofen

Jan Schulz-Hofen

Managing Director

An entrepreneur who loves to build things at the speed of light. Writing code at the age of 8 on his 1982 Apple was like wielding a super-power. And it still is. Along the way, he has founded, invested in and sold several companies.


‘Batching’ builds off the idea of only working on one kind of task at a time. Rather than jumping from one project…

Nadine Roßa

Nadine Roßa

Design Director

She would never admit it, but we all agree – she’s several people rolled into one: Launch’s Mayoress, Design Director and our Illustration Goddess. What her profile picture doesn’t show is how hard she works.

Felix Gliesche

Felix Gliesche

Director Hamburg

Overseeing our Hanseatic operations, Felix is a seasoned software engineer and consultant. Passionate about mobile technologies, Felix is the go-to guy for everything responsive. He’s also our front end guru and manages the Open Device Lab Hamburg.


RT @planio: Product update: Planio launches Cloud Storage App

Jens Krämer

Jens Krämer

Software Architect

Jens has been rolling with Ruby on Rails for over 6 years, and developing great web applications for more than 12. The craft involved in his work is subtle and complex but shines through in the amazing user interfaces he creates.

Jens Krämer

Topf Secret Das ist ja mal ne super Idee :)

Felix Schäfer

Felix Schäfer

Software Engineer

Felix is a top-notch Ruby on Rails developer, an expert in Redmine, a hidden Chef, a German-born French-raised come-back expat, a singer in a choir and a pipe smoker. Sounds like the most interesting man alive? You bet!

Felix (

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Holger Just

Holger Just

Software & Operations Engineer

Makes things stable and work seamlessly. His secret ingredient: a strong passion for operations and development. When not working as a smooth operator, improving the world one step at a time, he’s usually found near — or sailing on — the water.

Louise Engel

Louise Engel

Support Specialist

Louise is our customer support and coworking queen. Having worked at 5-star hotels and being a true multitasking talent, Louise will always listen carefully and find a solution for your problem — no matter what.


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Desirée Themsfeldt

Desirée Themsfeldt

Graphic Designer

Desirée is our wonderful design dancer. You read that right, not only that she’s amazing with graphics, illustrations and UI designs, she’s also a professional dancer and better in shape than all of us together. Go Desi!

Desiree Themsfeldt

RT @einguterplan: Wir fordern einen neuen Feiertag in Berlin! Den Tag der mentalen Gesundheit. Jetzt unterzeichnen:

LAUNCH ... what?

While Launch was founded by Jan as recently as late 2010, he, Nadine and Jens have been working on the Web since the mid-nineties. After having worked together in different companies and under different names for three years, they’re now joining forces again to do what they love and know best: Launch!

It’s all in the name, actually. Our small team of passionate engineers, designers, and consultants is eager to pioneer the next generation Web. We launch early and we launch often. That’s how we learn from users and that’s what enables us to build great things. We’re working on the edge while relying on proven concepts and technology. For us, work must actually be challenging, rewarding and fun at the same time.

Being able to work from the desk or the deck chair, in Berlin or Barcelona is one characteristic of being a Launcher. Taking part in decisions and accepting responsibility is another. Launch is all about the Launchers, really – not about the rocket.

Not being about the rocket is actually also where the name comes from. Jan was a founding partner at ROCKET RENTALS whose focus was more on the tech side of things. He left the company in 2010 and started Launch to focus on all three dimensions: engineering, design, and consulting. So, in a way, Launch is also a personal evolution.

Finally, we also noticed that a lot of web agencies have rockets on their websites which we think is just too … obvious.

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