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We are a web, design and software agency based in Berlin and Hamburg.
We have conceived, built, launched and invested in web businesses that serve thousands of users daily.


We’re engineers. What we build stands on solid ground and proven principles. We’ve garnered expertise through academia and years in the field. We’re pioneers in the technologies we use and we contribute to Open Source.


We’re designers. People love to look at and interact with our products. We design them to be fun to use. We’ve worked at famous agencies, we graduated from top universities. We create, teach and publish – we live and breathe design.


We’re consultants. We bring our experience to the table and we’re not afraid of thinking in a different way. We’re entrepreneurs and investors. We’ve seen businesses start, grow, fail and thrive. We have an opinion.

… sounds interesting?

We’re glad. May we introduce ourselves? Click the Launch Button to get to know our Launchers.

Updates on everything

Nadine Roßa

Wenn wann nicht dieses Jahr sollte man Weihnachtskarten verschicken. @fraumierau und ich haben da welche im Angebot… lnch.co/3fVHJR1


60% of Americans working from home want to continue to do so after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Fin… lnch.co/3mm2A2o


📷 Die drei Phasen im Leben eines Elektrikers: L1, L2, L3. Oder: Temporärer Kraftstromanachluss für das Heizhaus.… lnch.co/3fPTxo2


Die drei Phasen im Leben eines Elektrikers: L1, L2, L3. Oder: Temporärer Kraftstromanachluss für das Heizhaus.… lnch.co/36iPddN

Some launch statistics. Yes.

coffees from Goodies around the corner. Try Cafe Latte.

times the phone rings per day (average)

Euros in our Phrasen­schwein for bad jokes in the office

number of co-workers currently working in the office

times (average) we stop at the snackbox every day.

bottles of water we drink per week. Altogether.

Engineers, designers, and consultants happily coexist.

In fact they depend on each other! They’re equally important to our success.

We’re passionate, we think out of the box, we get the big picture and we pay attention to the details.

Meet the Team

Meet the Launchers, a team of passionate and diverse engineers, designers and consultants.

LAUNCH … what?

How did it all begin, what drives us and what’s up with the name?

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Become a Launcher

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Partners and friends

We want to be your IT firm and your design agency, because we believe that those belong together.

Maybe you've noticed that there aren't many companies to provide both great visual design and technology expertise.

At Launch, we literally bridge the gap: engineers, designers and consultants work hand in hand to build great products. We don't just do projects, we ENCODELC.

How we work

We have been around for a while, most of us have been working on the Web for more than 15 years. So, naturally we have some opinions about certain things and they have a large influence on how we work.

For instance, even though we know how to write precise and complete requirements analysis documents and software specifications, we prefer not to do it. Depending on the project, the time that is often spent on requirements largely exceeds that being needed to create a very realistic prototype. This will not only help the entire team to think of things that nobody thought of before. It also enables us to validate an idea with real users and get very valuable first hand feedback.

We also believe that fixed price projects would be unfair to our clients and we think that either of the choices you’d get in a free pitch would be largely inferior to what you’ll receive for paid work.

We’d like you to know why we do things our way. Why not take a moment and read a little further.

We launch stuff that looks beautiful, works great and makes business sense

We’re humbled and a little bit proud to have been working for these great clients. We’ve also launched a couple of products of our own. And there’s some fun stuff, too!

Client Projects

Ruby on Rails applications for the global player
See the showcase.

Learn more.

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The Swiss army knife for project management
Get organized.

Tweets anyone?

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Fun Projects

Eine scharfe Type
All about the ß.

Design made in Germany Yes, please!

And what else is
going on in the universe,

Quite a bit and then some! We‘re not only launchers but doers.
Want to rent a desk in our Coworking space? Want to meet us?

Coworking in Berlin-Friedrichshain

Coworking Desks in Berlin-Friedrichshain!

Coworking is when freelancers, students, and web workers share a common place to work.

What’s included?

  • beautiful office space in the parish house of an old church
  • quiet and sunny, hardwood floors, roof top terrace
  • large meeting room that seats 12 people easily


  • Vimcasts Workshop Berlin / April 20th

    For one entire day, LAUNCH/CO will be hosting an eye-opening and maybe mind-blowing workshop around Vim, the editor that can only be loved or hated, organized by Drew Neil, author of vimcasts.org.

    read more …


t3n no. 25 “Success through design”

t3n is the leading German magazine about Web 2.0, Web 2.0, Social Media, E-Business and Open Source. Nadine wrote the editorial for issue no. 25 about how design and success are connected.
read more …


We at Launch are firm believers in open source technology. We use free and open source software like Ruby on Rails on a daily basis and actively contribute to several open source projects.

This page is build on top of open source Ruby and JavaScript libraries and we aim to contribute some of our custom code back to the community.